Wedding Day 2/22

Hi everyone. I had a really sad wedding today. I’m not going to attach names or photographs for the sake of the parties involved privacy. I received a phone call 3 weeks ago from a bride who wanted to put together a rush wedding. It turns out that her dad just found out that he was terminally ill. She wanted to plan her wedding right away so her dad could be there for it. Especially since her mom had passed away a few years back. Just last night he was admitted to the hospital. Sadly, the day before her wedding. He was too ill to attend today. It was so touching to see the bride walk down the aisle with her dad on FaceTime watching from his hospital bed. After the wedding we followed the bride and groom to the hospital and captured some unforgettable memories of her with her dad. Such a powerful moment!  It was so touching to me because I was photographing this moment with my daughter Brittany.
  All I can say is that I am blessed to be able to give this father and daughter these memories that she will cherish for a lifetime. Go bless this couple and the brides dad.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to get this started. Of course I’ll be talking about photography, and business. I will also throw in some blogs about my travels, family, and life in general. So let’s get started on my photography background…..
At 16 years old, I was really nervous buying my first camera. The $200 it cost me was everything I had saved to that point in my life. That camera still sits on my shelf as a reminder of where it all began forty years ago. I applied for a Tax ID number the day after graduating from High School. Four years later, After graduating from The University of Buffalo, I chose to remain on the photography path. Today, I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to follow my dream of becoming a photographer. Four decades later, here I am, happier than ever and doing what I love.
I am very proud of the fact that this has now turned into a true family business. Three of my daughters have followed in my footsteps and have the natural talent to continue our tradition of excellence.
The future of our company is looking bright because my three daughters have the same dedication and passion that I have always had. This will ensure a future of uncompromised quality and customer service, a tradition that has been important to us since day one.
Check in on my blog as often as you can!