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Selecting your Buffalo Wedding Photographer

After every guest has left the venue and every piece of cake has been consumed, the flowers have wilted and the bubbles have disappeared from the champagne, all that will remain are your elegant photographs and wonderful memories.

You took time to select all of your grand wedding details, so why not take extra care in choosing the person responsible for documenting  all of your lovely memories? Rest assured, you will be in good hands at Wozniak Photography. Keep in mind that aside from your family and bridal party, the one person that will be with you the entire duration of your wedding day is your photographer!  So choosing the company to document the most important day of your life is an important one.

The Best Wedding Photographers capture elegance and style!  

When selecting a wedding photographer, be sure to look for a style of photography that really connects with you and your loved ones. The best wedding photographers can capture the essence or mood in their work.

Beware of cheap wedding photographers!

Wozniak Photography is adamant about warning potential clients of the dangers of hiring cheap wedding photographer’s. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind;

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY. Choose a company with an actual place of business or studio.
  2. COST. Don’t make the $200.00 wedding mistake by hiring a less qualified company just to save a few dollars.
  3. PAYMENT PLAN.  Never hire a photographer that wants the entire payment before the wedding.

It’s YOUR Wedding- They’re YOUR Wedding Photographs

It’s your wedding, your wedding photographs should be yours to enjoy! That is why when you purchase a wedding package; you also will get a copy of the original photos on a USB Drive to share as you please.